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Auzzie Food Exports Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned company specializing in the export of high quality Australian food and beverage products.

We specialise in the export of home grown agri-food consumer products that continue to be in high demand. We provide value added food and beverage products suitable for retail, food service and commercial use. We ship by air and sea and can consolidate shipments as required. We package under our client’s brand names or in our own brands.

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The strength of Auzzie Food Exports lies in an innovative approach to manufacturing and supply chain management which has allowed us to become a strategic partner with extensive international ties.

We are constantly establishing new distribution networks in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent, and the Middle East.

We work with Australian growers, packers, manufacturers and processors to ensure top quality products at competitive prices. We contract grow raw materials to ensure on-going supply and we also supply from a number of geographical regions across Australia to provide all year around supply where possible.

Our quality checks and consistency policy ensures our clients receive only the best quality products as we aim to develop long-term relationships with our clients. With an extensive network and direct involvement in the Australian Food and Agricultural Industry, Auzzie Food Exports is well placed to service the needs of our clients.

The world agri-food markets are constantly changing. We are in tune with the trends and constantly keep our clients informed of the trends and buying patterns. We have the flexibility to adapt the way we source and manufacture products in response to these changes. We are a solutions based organization whose business is built on our trading partner’s continued trust and support.


The global opportunity and ongoing demand for Australian food and beverage products is compelling when you consider the projected population growth. The world’s population in 2016 is currently 7.6 billion, and this is foretasted to increase to 9.6 billion by 2050, which is a 26% increase.

Developing countries in particular are experiencing unprecedented economic growth. Improvement in living standards and the demand for quality and healthy food products is being driven by the growing middle class. More than 3.1 billion people are expected to join the middle class by 2050. Much higher disposable incomes and increased consumer spending has contributed to the strong interest in a range of food and beverage choices. The demand for food variety is driven by changes in diet and for many people in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East there is growing demand for protein rich foods such as beef and dairy.

Current trends show the world producers of sustainable food will need to increase global food production by 75% by 2050 to meet the forecaster demand. Within Australia the agri-food sector is well-positioned to be a major player in meeting this growth in demand for food supplies. With free trade agreements now signed by Australia with Japan, South Korea and China, Australian Food and Beverage products have much improved direct access to export markets. Local brands can experience a solid growth in export income as they become more competitive on the global stage.

During our industry consultation with consumers and supermarket retailers in Asia, particularly China, they consistently communicate their expectations and keen interest in the safe and hygienic handling of food; the quality of the products grown in clean and green environments, and high quality processing methods. Australia meets each of these requirements and the quality of the produce available exceeds all expectations.

The scale and breadth of Australia’s Food and Beverage industry combined with its solid reputation as a provider of safe and nutritional food is such that significant premiums are being achieved for Australian produce in Asian markets, in particular in China.

It is a very exciting time to be in the Australian agri-food sector.

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