Australian grains are internationally regarded for their high-quality and reliability. Auzzie Food Exports can deliver both wheat and barley.

Our wheat is considered amongst the highest quality in the world – for the clean, green environment it is grown in, its low moisture levels, its superior flour colour, fit-for purpose protein levels and starch qualities. Together these attributes mean Australian wheat produces quality with versatility to suit a wide variety of end-uses. Internationally, Australian wheat is sought for Asian noodles, pasta, bread and other baked goods, pastries, cakes and biscuits. Importantly, high extraction rates provide purchasers of Australian wheat with value for money, while low moisture levels also ensure Australian wheat can be stored for long periods without spoiling.
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Australia is the world’s largest exporter of barley representing more than 30% of the malting barley trade and about 20% of global feed barley trade. Malting barley is used primarily to produce alcohol (beer and distilled spirits) and food products including confectionary, snack foods, breakfast cereals, miso and barley tea.
Our network of Australian growers is extensive and our professional staff will ensure a seamless execution of foreign trade contracts, managing all aspects of quality, price and availability.

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