Fresh Milk

Fresh Milk

The Australian dairy industry has earned a reputation for producing consistently superior quality products and for achieving the highest quality standards for the worldwide market. That reputation is well deserved and is seen throughout the dairy regions of Australia where the extremely high quality standards are among the most stringent and toughest in the world.

Our natural pasture fed cows are free from any herbicide or pesticide residues, providing the highest quality and natural tasting milk. Our fresh milk is collected daily and processed within 24 hours allowing us to supply some of the finest milk in the world. Our milk contains no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives.

We can supply significant volumes of fresh milk on a daily basis in one litre cartons.

We can supply all Asian markets. A key advantage of being on Asia’s doorstep is that we are able to supply our products to market with shorter shipping times, reduced transport costs and a greener more environmentally friendly supply chain.

We have a year round secure supply of milk which allows us to meet the changing demands of consumer markets quickly and efficiently.

We are the perfect partner to support your future business growth and expand your market share.

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