International consumers value Australian dairy products extremely highly for quality and safety. This is particularly important for dairy products, given their universal appeal in meeting the nutritional needs of babies and toddlers.

With one of the fastest growing dairy appetites in the world, demand for top quality dairy nutrition in China is expected to double in the next 10 years. Better nutritional value, food safety and ingredient integrity are the key priorities for Chinese food consumers. Agri-foods from trustworthy sources that are quality tested is paramount in influencing the buying decision.

There is also a big shift in the demand for food types that offer a variety of textures and tastes. This desire increases as more people, especially in Asia and the Middle East enter the middle classes, and are open to buying high quality goods from trusted and reliable sources. Consumers in these regions are also demanding a variety of conveniently packaged and processed products such as cheeses.

Auzzie Food Exports is heavily scaling up for this expected increase in demand across global markets. We are working in close partnership with Australian manufacturers, marketers and distributors to develop dairy product solutions that provide us with the capacity to secure a consistent supply of goods constantly in demand at competitive prices.

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We provide a premium range of Australian dairy products that are targeted to International clients taking into account their particular needs. Our full range of Australian dairy products are guaranteed for freshness and are of the highest quality.

Our clients trust us for the quality of the products we deliver including the safety and cleanliness of the produce right from the farm to the end consumer’s table. We are innovative and can adapt quickly to the changing needs of our customers to ensure we always deliver what we promise.Our export activities are underpinned by a commitment to uphold our reputation as a high quality dairy exporter. We remain focused on meeting our client’s need in a sustainable manner so they can provide safe and nutritious foods.

Our competitive advantages to market are many, including:

  • Proximity to major markets in Asia, Middle East and the Pacific Rim
  • Supply of low cost, high quality milk
  • Shorter production and delivery times
  • Clean milk supply free of antibiotic contamination, herbicides and pesticide residues
  • Our manufacturers invest in research and the latest technology to help provide our customers with the best products.

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